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Please Reduce Fees

Why should fees be Reduced?
After receiving several messages and. Request from various students from different Walks of life
We have written this article requesting  all the Institutions to Reduce their fees and also reasons for it 

Please share this article with your friends and your College if you agree with us
We completely understand that ,a institution Should collect fees so as to ensure maintenance of the various expenses of the institution like electricity,Maintenance of buildings and structures, paying Salary to various employees working within and outside campus,Pay for the hostel ,transportation,water , lab supplies ,parts for project and experiments, pay our professors/Faculties
We understand that the fees that is  Paid by  students is used for all This expenses and Many more
But we urge the Management /officials of all the Institutions to Please give a concession in fees to all students
Here are some reasons
– Due to the recent pandemic ,as you know many have lost their jobs or their businesses
Parents will Never show /tell their children about the money problem they face for teaching their children
-But we are mature enough to understand their hardship and difficulties they are facing for us
– India is hit the worst in Terms of economic losses..
-As most classes are online
the resources used at college have been reduced. Hence likely the expenses have also come down 
Like electricity,water,Hostel maintenance cost and such expenses
-We don’t want you to reduce or remove any employees of the institution ,instead pay them Full and Please pay our professors and Faculty their Salary completely as they are really working hard to work from home.
But since the expenses of maintenance of the institution have come down,it will really help if there  is a concession in fees
So We Request all Institutions to reduce the fees by 30-35% 
As this would be fair for the students also as they are using the services of the institution and Also to the institution as they have to pay for the various expenses of it

How the concession in fees would HELP Students and their families
-it would really help the parents of the students who have lost their job or have no business due to pandemic,it will reduce the stress and tension of parents. A good environment at home is needed to study from home .It will reduce the economic tension int he family overall
-The concession that is given in fees back be used by the Students to setup a Good quality internet connection for online classes 
-And also Students can invest that money in Devices and instruments needed for online classes 
In These tough time everyone is affected,the complete world
Some are affected emotionally,some are mentally affected and a majority is affected economically
So at the end we would request to all the Management of all Institutions
To please provide a concession  in fees for all students .
We don’t want to revolt or fight for this, just a sincere request to all Institutions to please reduce the fees 🙏🙏
-TEAM vtucontentforall on behalf of all students 
Our Instagram – www.instagram.com/vtucontentforall


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