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Why College Should not keep offline classes

Recent news brought to our notice that college may start from NOV 17,2020. Not confirmed yet 

(By various Kannada news channel)
Here is why we think that no school, college, or any educational institutions Should open 
COVID-19 has not been defeated yet, nor any vaccine or medication Has been made yet, and nor are the cases Reducing Or any improvement In the Corona situation In INDIA
College/educational institutions is a place where many students come from many different areas of the state…And With so many people at a location Is not safe at all even with sufficient caution by wearing mask and gloves, there will surely be Some problem
This will cause outbreaks of corona cases, when these students go back to Their house they further risk their parents and siblings by infecting them also in case of any outbreaks happen in the institution premises.
Until the Vaccine or Medication is available for COVID-19. Classes Should not start, it is better to continue with online classes.
Any alternative OPTIONS or plans can be made for a certain subject that requires the physical presence of students and teachers together (LABs, practicals, etc)
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