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Step by step Instructions for online application and to pay examination fees and all

This document has step by step guide to how to apply for the examination and complete the payment

Please Contact your college for a login credentials like password etc
Also please verify with your teacher/professor /College before and after the completion
Please share with all Engineering friends and all vtu Engineering Students (click on blue text to download the document)
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1] The Home page of the application with College / Student Login button is depicted in the
Figure 1 below.
  •  Click on “Student” button to go to department login page.
2] The Login Page of the application is depicted in Figure 2 below.
  •  Username is “University Seat Number”
         ( Ex : 4SH11CS007 for UG , 2VX15SCS01 for PG).
  •  Enter Password
  •  Click on “Login” button.
3] The sample filled in form is depicted in Figure 3 below.(SEE DOC)
  •  Username : 4SH11CS007 Password : ******** UG Programme.
  •  Username : 2VX15SCS17 Password : ********** PG Programme.
4] The Dashboard Page of logged in student is shown Figure 4 below.
  •  Click on the link to go to “Apply Examination Form” to start the examination
application form.
  •  The Status of the application form is highlighted in alert “Application is Incomplete” in
red color.
  • The Status of the Uploading Photo is highlighted in alert “Photo Upload Pending” in red
  •  The Photo should be in “Passport Format” and size of the Photo should be less
than “40 Kb”.
  •  The Personal information is shown on right side of dashboard with email, mobile and
photo information.
  •  The General Errors that during applying examination form is listed in the table below
5] The “Application Form” Page is depicted in Figure 5 below.
  •  The Student Details are shown in the table
  •  The Regular Subjects are Highlighted in blue color and Electives Subjects are Orange Color.
  •  The Fees structure shown in separate panel below
  • In case student has Basic Cycle / Specialization the same need to Selected from the
  • dropdown list depicted in Figure 8 below.
  • Ex : “B.E / B.Tech” , Physics and Chemistry Cycle for First year students.
  • Ex : “M.B.A ” , (FM,HR,MM & Dual ) Specialization for Final year students.
  •  Submit the application form , once the selections are done.
9] Once the “Application Form” is submitted, the Change in Status is depicted in Figure 9
  •  The Status of the application form is highlighted in alert “Application is Completed” in
green color and Photo Upload is still Pending.
  •  The Application Submitted can be Edited “multiple number of times” for Corrections in
Electives, Open Electives, Basic Cycle, Specialization, Arrears Semesters Before “Final
Submission” as per “Annexure II” Point Number 14
  • If in Case “Regular Scheme” or ” Regular Semester” is incorrect / Wrong intimate your
respective department of the college to “Raise Ticket” for corrections.
  •  Any Corrections / Modifications in application form need to be done before “Final
Submission” , further no changes are allowed as per “Annexure II” Point Number 16
10] Once the “Photo Uploaded” , the Change in Status is depicted in Figure 10 below.(SEE DOC)
  •  The “Finalize Application” button in the sky blue color is enabled only after successful
completion of “Application Form” and “Uploading Photo” .
  • When you click on “Finalize Application” button , it asks for certain confirmation as
depicted in Figure 11, 12 & 13 below (SEE DOCUMENT)
  • The Status of the “Finalize Application” is highlighted in alert “Finalize Application For
College Approval” in red color.
10] The Printout of the Finalized Application form can be taken by clicking on “View
Application Form” button in blue color , the View application page is depicted in Figure
15 Below.
  •  To Take a printout , Press “Ctrl”+”P” key on your keyboard.
  •  At this stage Process of Submission of “Examination Application Form” is Complete.
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