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Previous Year QUESTION PAPERS 1st year-ENGLISH-1 ///1st year : Technical English-I (CBCS 18EGH18)



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MODEL question PAPERS (MQPs)
Internal Assessment sample question papers
note- these are only for you to get a idea,not actual,actual paper may defer depending on institution 
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List of Text Books 

1) Communication Skills by Sanjay Kumar and Pushp Lata, Oxford University Press-2018. Refer it’s workbook for activities and exercises-“Communication Skills-I (A Workbook)’ published by Oxford University Press -2018. 
2) English Language Communication Skills (Lab Manual cum Workbook), Cengage learning India Pvt limited [Latest Revised Edition]-2018 

List of Reference Books 

1) English for Technical Communication by N.P Sudharshana an C. Savitha, Cambridge Universisty Press-2016 
2) Technical Communication by Gajendra Singh Chauhan and Et al, Cengage learning India Pvt limited[Latest Revised Edition]-2018 
3) Practical English Usage by Michael Swan, Oxford University Press -2016 
4) High School English grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin, S. Chandh & Company Ltd-2015 
5) Effective Technical Communication- Second Edition by M.Ashraf Rizvi, McGraw Hill Education(India)Private Limited-2018 
Course Outcomes: On completion of this course, students are able to: 

~C0 1 : Use grammatical English and essentials of language skills and identify the nuances of phonetics, Intonation and flawless pronunciation 
~C0 2 : Implement English vocabulary at command and language proficiency 
~C0 3 : Identify common errors in spoken and written communication 
~C0 4 : Understand and improve the non verbal communication and kinetics 
~C0 5: Perform well in campus recruitment, engineering and all other general competitive examinations.
Internal Assessment Marks: 
 (3 Session Tests each of 30 marks (IA-1,2,3) are conducted during the semester and marks allotted based on average of three and 10 marks for assignment).
Objectives of this subject
 To impart basic English grammar and essentials of language skills.
  To train to identify the nuances of phonetics, intonation and enhance pronunciation skills. 
 To enhance with English vocabulary and language proficiency.
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