This article will tell you the complete procedure and everything required for change of branch

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For all those who are not happy with their current branch and want to change their branch

or those who joined some other branch during admission due to MARKS constraints or other issues

just read the complete article 

Sub: Inviting Applications for Change of Branch (CoB) for the academic

year 2020-21 

Instructions for applying for Change of Branch :

1. Fees applicable for Change of Branch from the eligible students is as under:

a) Application fee of Rs. 500/- (non refundable) to be paid by each student

through online mode using the link on www.vtu.ac.in

b) University fee of Rs. 5,000/- (non refundable) to be paid by each student

who is recommended by the College for approval of Change of Branch. This

amount is to be paid by the students at their respective Colleges which in

turn, the Colleges need to transfer to the University along with the list of

students who have been recommended for Change of Branch for approval by

the University.

2. Web-link for applying for CoB : https://preexam.vtu.ac.in/coc.

 (Contact for web portal entries(if any) 083 1-2498130/2498 188/2498133)

please ASK your respective college on how to do this steps

3. Change of Branch can not be claimed as matter of right.(that is it not your right that you will for sure get it )

4. Prior to applying, the student shall verify his / her eligibility for the Change of

Branch after the announcement of first year (I and II semester) results.

5. It is hereby clarified that the application for Change of Branch does not

guarantee the approval of change of Branch (Clause COB 3 (9(b))).

6. Application once submitted cannot be edited/resubmitted,so please be careful and check before submitting.

7.The last date for applying is as mentioned in the Schedule-Refer Annx – I

No requests/applications would be entertained after the last date as notified by

the University. (Clause COB 3 (9(c)})

all these instructions have to be performed under the guidance of your college professors/mentors or officials in charge of this procedure.


Annexure — |

Schedule of Dates

  • The Change of Branch process is to be completed within TEN (10) days from the date of announcement of 1° / 2 semester B.E./B.Tech. results OR within TEN days from the date of issue of this notification from VTU, whichever is earlier,

  • Last date for students’ applying on VTU portal within THREE (03) days from date of announcement of 1* / 2″ semester results / notification for Change of Branch from VTU

  • Last date for Colleges to verify and submit to VTU within two (02) days from closing of date of student’s application (ref 2))

  •  Generations of merit list by VTU: TWO (02) days after the submission of verified students details by the Colleges (ref(3)

  • . Colleges to download and recommend allotment of Change of Branch : TWO (02) days after the generation of merit list.

  •  Submitting of Hard copy of the recommended allotment of Change of Branch by the Colleges duly signed by student and parent / guardian to the University within THREE (03) days after submitting the softcopy on the VTU portal

  •  Provisional approval of Change of Branch by the University : THREE {03) days after the receipt of duly signed Hard copies of recommended allotment of Change of Branch from the College. 

Confirmation of applications from Respective Colleges:
(this what college will do )

1. The respective Colleges shall verify and confirm the entries made by the students by logging in web portal using their resume entry credentials provided by VTU. Please refer Schedule – Annx -I.
2.If the entries are found to be incorrect, the colleges shall put remark on the same in the field specified and make the final submission to the University.
3.It’s the responsibility of the Institutes to ensure that the correct data is
submitted to the University for further processing.
4.TheCollege(Autonomous Colleges) shall verify the CGPA carefully and other entries made by the students
and confirm the same.
Generation of Merit list by University:
  • The University will prepare the merit list as per the clause (Clause COB 3 (9(d)}} based on the applications submitted online by the students and confirmed by the respective college.

  • The above merit list will be provided to the respective colleges through web-portal which can be downloaded by using their login credentials.

Please refer the Schedule — Annx – I.
  • The Change of Branch must be recommended for allotment by the College to the students as per the merit list prepared by the University and strictly in the order of merit, not exceeding the vacancies as per the prescribed formula.

  • The College shall recommend the allotment of the Change of branch through web portal as per the Schedule – Annx – I. The hard copy of the same shall also be submitted along with prescribed fees for Change of Branch to the University for approval as per Schedule. 

Please refer Annx- I.
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-written by TEAM 



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